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A Concise History of Water Heaters

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Similar to a bunch of innovations we utilize today, the beginnings of the modern-day water heater can not easily be traced back to just someone or society as its innovator. It could not be as mysterious as some creations however it is absolutely an innovation that we make use of on a daily basis. Having hot water in our houses has actually assisted make our lives much easier and healthier, and should not be something we take for granted. It makes us laugh a little when we checked out posts and see advertisements for tankless hot water heaters with the advertising message of...

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Smart Water Heaters

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It is popular opinion, and the United States Department of Energy informs us this too, that heating water uses around 18 percent of the normal residence’s yearly energy consumption. The only other home device that uses more is the heating and cooling system. With the common tank hot water heater that a lot of residents make use of, it is maintaining 40 to 50 gallons of water hot all day regardless of when it is being made use of. Generally with this scenario, 20 to 50 % of the energy being used is totally thrown away. What are some alternatives to assist curb this power loss? The...

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